Did Danny Ainge Draft Wisely?

“With the 6th pick of the 2014 NBA draft, the Boston Celtics select Marcus Smart”.

Not completely sure if most of Celtics nation thought Smart would still be available at 6, but when he sported the Celtics green Beantown was simply ecstatic about it. Marcus Smart saw most court time at OSU at point guard, and we do have some guy by the name of Rajon Rondo. Is that particularly crummy news for Rondo? Does the defensive specialist being selected throw his time with Boston in jeapordy? Not at this moment, according to team owner Wyc Grousbeck and general manager Danny Ainge.

NBA: NBA Draft

Smart has the body build to be a shooting guard in the pros. Despite being able to play two, the second guard spot highlights a well known flaw in Smart’s game. That flaw? It’s the defensive ox’s ability to shoot the basketball.
He’s a streaky shooter, truly never finding his shot in his 2 seasons at Oklahoma State. Not to worry, because he is something basketball scouts label as a “slasher”. The kid can flat out get to the rim.

Averaging 18 points per game during his final season within the NCAA, the consensus second team All-American ran the show for his squad. Besides attacking the basket, his other exceptionally strong attribute is defending. He may already be a superior on-ball defender than our most talented one; Avery Bradley.

Speaking of Avery , when we drafted him he couldn’t shoot either. He was just known as a defender. Now look at him. He was shooting confidently from 3 point land last year, and looked like he definitely found his stroke. Same can happen with Marcus Smart, in time he will develop a jumper.

Drafting Smart, we all knew he was going to have to play the 2 guard alongside Rondo. This translates to the C’s most likely not looking to re-sign Bradley. Especially with whom we drafted at pick 17.


Another two guard found his way to the bay state. James Young, from Kentucky, is an extremely undervalued scorer. This made a lot of sense, because it sounded like Ainge didn’t want to honor what Bradley and his agent were demanding. The number was somewhere between 8-9 million a year. Bringing in these two rookie guards, not bringing back “AB” in the process, will save us money.

Young was slept on in this draft, and Danny boy wasn’t going to let him slide any longer. Boston quickly jumped on the opportunity when they saw he was still on the board. He will be a great bench player on this squad, and I think he could be the 6th man. But, if he isn’t quite ready for that yet he’ll be a perfect role player for sure. Maybe a starter in the near future? Well, let’s not jump ahead of ourselves!

He’s primarily a shooting guard, but could definitely play some minutes at small forward (being that he is a versatile player). The former blue grass phenom also contributes the two way player image, defending against both two guards and quick forwards.

The draft is destined to shake up the guard rotation one way or another

The draft is destined to shake up the guard rotation one way or another

It’s clear Beantown made out great in the draft, seeing how many believe Smart is a top 5 prospect in the draft class. James Young was a huge steal at 17; several analysts thought he would have landed higher. Ainge drafted in a smart fashion (no Marcus Smart pun intended!), not making any quick decisions and drafting the best athletes available in their given slots.

Smart and Young sounded extremely happy to now be a part of the storied franchise, and Celtics fans are amped about landing them. Stay tuned C’s fans, because the fun has just begun. Free agency is upon us!

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